Capella Scholarship: Funding Your Future Education

Tell your story for a chance to win a 5,000 scholarship from Capella
Tell your story for a chance to win a 5,000 scholarship from Capella from


As we move further into the year 2023, the cost of education continues to rise. Many students face the challenge of paying for their education and rely on scholarships to help fund their academic pursuits. One scholarship that has gained attention in recent years is the Capella Scholarship. In this article, we will explore what the Capella Scholarship is, how to apply, and what it can offer students in terms of financial aid.

What is the Capella Scholarship?

The Capella Scholarship is a financial aid program offered by Capella University, an online institution that provides undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The scholarship is designed to help students who are pursuing a degree at Capella University and need financial assistance. The scholarship is awarded based on merit and financial need.

How to Apply

Students who are interested in applying for the Capella Scholarship can do so by visiting the university’s website. The application process is simple and requires students to submit an application form, transcripts, and a personal statement. The personal statement should explain why the student is a good candidate for the scholarship and how it will help them achieve their academic goals.

Eligibility Requirements

Students who wish to apply for the Capella Scholarship must meet certain eligibility requirements. They must be enrolled in a degree program at Capella University and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Additionally, students must demonstrate financial need and be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

Amount of the Scholarship

The Capella Scholarship can provide significant financial assistance to students. The scholarship awards up to $5,000 per year to eligible students. The amount of the scholarship is determined based on the student’s financial need and academic merit.

Benefits of the Capella Scholarship

The Capella Scholarship can provide a number of benefits to students. First and foremost, it can help alleviate the financial burden of pursuing a degree. This can allow students to focus on their studies and achieve their academic goals without worrying about how they will pay for it. Additionally, the scholarship can help students stand out in the job market by demonstrating their commitment to their education and their ability to overcome financial obstacles.


The Capella Scholarship is a valuable resource for students who are pursuing a degree at Capella University. It can provide financial assistance to those who need it and help students achieve their academic goals. If you are a student at Capella University, be sure to explore the opportunities that the Capella Scholarship can offer.



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